Influence of selected variables on the environmental literacy of the secondary school pupils

Silvie Svobodová


The contribution is devoted to investigating the impact of sociodemographic variables of the area on the cognitive and affective aspect of environmental literacy among 12-15 years old students in Žatec, Square 28 October 1019, district of Louny. The author tested two research instruments: MSELS and two-dimensional scales of 2-MEV on the research sample consisting from 87 respondents from 6 to 9th grades of these school. The study presents the results regarding the influence of gender, domicile, age of the respondents and their leisure time activities on the measured figures of environmental knowledge and proenvironmental attitudes. The relation between the knowledge and the attitudes was identified not too tight in contrast to medium-strong positive correlation between the two factors of 2- MEV scales. In the case of sex and place of residence (village/city) no significant effect was proved, either in one of the aspects. The identical conclusions were confirmed concerning the age of respondents, and leisure time activities in relation to their knowledge. However, talking about attitudes there was a significant effect of both determinants. Leisure time outdoor and sports activities in the nature manifested the most positive influence on the affective component. Even if these results are not representative, the new research questions for wider survey are offered in the conclusions.


Environmental literacy; demographic variables; environmental knowledge; 2-MEV

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