What is education?

(and what is the meaning of this question today)

Keywords: review, learning outdoors, methodical material


Review of the publication Daniš, P. (2018). Secrets of schooling behind the school: Why learning outdoors in nature improves pupils' educational outcomes, motivation and behavior. Ministry of the Environment CR. ISBN 978-80-7212-631-6. Online: https://ucimesevenku.cz/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Tajemstvi_skoly_za_skolou_UCIME-SE-VENKU.pdf

Author Biography

Jana Dlouhá, Charles University Environment Center

Researcher in Charles University Environment Centre; co-founder of the Enviwiki knowledge base; vice-president of international network of higher education institutions Copernicus Alliance. Concerned with transformative education and educational transformation in the light of sustainable development; interests span from digital media, open education resources, to social learning and participatory approaches in public dialogue.

29. 12. 2018
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