What is the effect of climate change campaings? Use of certified methodology for evaluation of effects of climatic campaings

Jan Urban, Tomáš Chabada, Jan Skalík
DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.557


The purpose of this paper is to introduce a certified methodology suitable for evaluation of effects of climate change campaigns. This certified methodology sets a framework for evaluation of causal effects of campaigns aiming at a change of individual mitigation or adaptation behavior, or their motivation factors (e.g., attitudes, knowledge, or beliefs). Evaluation of causal effects is based on a potential outcome framework (Rubin, 1974) and makes use of quantitative experimental and quasi-experimental approaches. This certified methodology should facilitate evaluation of campaigns’ effects and should also make it easier to accumulate knowledge about effects of specific interventions. Use of this certified methodology should not only lead to an increase in the effect size of new campaigns, and thus to an increase in cost effectiveness of campaigns but it should also increase trust of donors and the public in campaigns as tools of climatic policy. Last but not least, this methodology should also facilitate exchange of information between researchers who study campaigns but have sometimes very limited access to information about existing campaigns, and those who create campaigns, oftentimes without resources to analyze their effects.   



climate change campaigns; evaluation of causal effects, effect size; climate mitigation

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