Nature nourishes us, the land bears us

  • Jiří Olšovský
Keywords: Relationship to nature, philosophical reflection, biocentrism


We need a truly new vision, and a deeper philosophical reflection. A completely new genuine reconciliation of the human community to finally find the authentic alliance of man with nature. Humans have been separated from nature, and it is time to return, or the hidden power of nature will destroy us. What could save us is the essential gratitude for being itself, in practice manifested as a care for oneself and an environment, the Earth, and all the elements that carry the world. Our (anthropocentric) attitudes towards the world and nature will change - to find true alliances with non-human beings, unity with cosmos. Thus, a new reflection is needed that will liberate from the insatiable desires and the profligate profitable behaviour. The truth of the world, the truth of being will be revealed to us if we do not surrender to various speculative speculations and malicious constructions of today.

Author Biography

Jiří Olšovský
PhDr. Ing. Jiří Olšovský, Ph.D., Karlova univerzita, Filosofická fakulta, dějiny filosofie, Filosofický ústav AV ČR, samostatný badatel,
23. 07. 2017
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Olšovský, J. (2017). Nature nourishes us, the land bears us. Envigogika, 12(1).