The Living Skin of Planet Earth - GEODERMA

Jana Dlouhá


Soil supports life on Earth and people could not exist on this planet without it. What do we know about soil today? And how do we deal with this knowledge? How do people care for our planet’s skin, for geoderma? Soil biologist and the host of the documentary Ladislav Miko answers these questions.

Documentary film is freely available and applicable for educational purposes.

Director: Ladislav Miko, Ivan Stříteský

Script: Ladislav Miko

Photographer: Ota Blahoušek, Petr Juračka, Ladislav Miko, Bohuslav Pacholík, Ivan Stříteský

Year: 2017


soil; organisms; biosphere

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Copyright (c) 2017 Jana Dlouhá

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