Blocked by ourselves

  • Zuzana Svobodová Univerzita Karlova, 3. lékařská fakulta, Ústav etiky; Jihočeská univerzita, Teologická fakulta, katedra pedagogiky; VOŠ Jabok, katedra teologie a filosofie
Keywords: dialog; logos; metanoein; relationship; existence; education; environment, dialog, logos, metanoein, relationship, existence, education, environment


When people give up their personal, existential relatedness or their bonds towards the truth, towards what is, then self-centeredness is seen as a pathway to losing one’s perception of the meaning of existence. This inclination can become manifested by violence and despair. Through the incoming and challenging word – logos – one can find a way out of being locked in oneself. Responding to the call for accountability involves turning away (metanoein) from being oriented to separation, secession, and self-centeredness to relationality, the consciousness of one’s ties with others, the world and the Truth. For being able to answer this word, which calls us to participate in truth, we as humans have the space of freedom. As human beings we can come to a dia-logue as a living environment, dia-logue as an element, from which community may arise – a community that does not live solely for itself.

29. 12. 2018
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