Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development in the Age of Acceleration


  • Geoff Scott



Higher education, social entrepreneurship, capable, competent, curriculum transformation, work ready plus, clearing house


Work as part of an Australian Office for Learning and Teaching senior fellowship with 3700 higher education Learning and Teaching leaders from around the world over the past three years (see FLIPCurric) has identified the critical importance of giving more careful attention to agreeing on the fitness of purpose of a higher education program before confirming the fitness for purpose of what is to be delivered or assessed. This leads us to look specifically at what outcomes we expect, at what key capabilities and competencies graduates should have to equip them to negotiate the age of acceleration (Friedman, 2016). This, in turn, has led us to argue that we need to develop graduates who are not only work ready for today but also work ready plus for an uncertain tomorrow and that it is important to give more direct focus to building social enterprise projects into the curriculum.


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