Application of participatory method World Café in the area of global environmental problems

David Vačkář, Eliška Krkoška Lorencová


Participatory methods have gained increasing popularity in the area of sustainable development and environmental change. The reason for this is not only to get information from experts or key actors in the area, but also the value they bring in terms of participation and education. In this article, we focus on analyzing the experience of using the participative deliberative method of World Café in various cultural environments and various topics of global environmental change. Complex problems in the area of global environmental change, represented here by adaptation to climate change, the assessment of ecosystem services, and climate smart agriculture, require the involvement of diverse actors in decision-making process. The resulting knowledge, gained through the application of scientific inputs and their confrontation with the experience and values of the individual actors, provide the basis for adaptive decision-making and contribute to solving environmental problems. Participatory methods also enable the social learning of the actors involved, support knowledge co-production through sharing and exchange of experience, which ultimately promotes the more effective implementation of scientific knowledge into practice. Refering to examples from the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan and Ghana, we illustrate the possibilities of participatory methods to support policy and decision-making in the area of global environmental change.


social-ecological systems; participatory methods; World Café; knowledge co-production; ecosystem services; climate change adaptation; social learning

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