Games for environmental awareness-raising education – experience and results of the Traffic Snake Game in the Czech Republic

Danuše Strnadová, Hana Brůhová Foltýnová, Radomíra Jordová


The article presents and summarizes the results of the environmental campaign in the Czech Republic entitled "We Dress Up the Snake Edu". This is the Czech version of the European game Traffic Snake Game, which was joined by the Czech Republic in 2014. This game is aimed at children from kindergartens and 1st grade primary schools who in a playful way reflect the health and environmental impacts of choosing individual means of transport and are encouraged to make the most of sustainable transport decisions – walking, cycling or transport on scooters, public transport and, where appropriate, joint driving of children from several families by car.

In the Czech Republic, 49 schools have been involved in this environmental campaign since 2004, of which 12 have participated repeatedly. The article discusses the main success factors of this campaign, and its impacts on travel-to-school decisions, both during the campaign itself and three weeks after the campaign. The authors compare the factors influencing the campaign's impact, such as the regular repetition of the game, influence of the period when this game is played (spring versus autumn term). The article ends with discussions and recommendations for continuing the campaign in the coming years.


dopravní vzdělávání; Oblékáme hada Edu; environmentální výchova hrou; základní školy; mateřské školy; snižování negativních vlivů automobilové dopravy

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