Greening of higher education in the Republic of Serbia


  • Vesna Nikolić
  • Jelena Ranitović
  • Slobodan Milutinović



education, sustainable development, environmental protection, autonomous approach, integrative approach, greening


Nowadays, Serbia is not at a satisfactory level of sustainability due to the well known events that occurred within the past two decades. According to the European Commission, environmental protection is an area in whichSerbiawill have to give its maximum effort to fully meet European standards and the requirements of sustainable development in the future. Poor water quality in some parts of the country, undeveloped systems for waste collection and recycling, illegal dumps, and industrial pollution are some  of the environmental problems affecting the Republic of Serbia. These findings encouraged the authors of the paper to focus on the environmental problems as a dimension of education for sustainable development in Serbian higher education.

Regulatory frameworks of higher education and education for sustainable development in theRepublicofSerbiaare presented in the first part of the paper. The second part deals with observations on current staff development within professional education centres, where their abilities to work in the field of environmental protection are discussed. In the third part, an analysis of an autonomous and integrative approach to the environmental safety education is done, and the need and importance of greening higher education curriculum, as the new paradigm in the educational system, is emphasized.

In this regard, an analysis of present ecological ideas and content in the syllabus of English language, which is one of the most common courses at Serbian faculties, and which is particularly important in response to the challenges of globalization, knowledge flow, international scientific research and mobility, is performed.

Finally, as part of the authors’ concluding remarks, improvements related to the period before the reform of higher education and adoption of a national strategy for sustainable development, are presented. Also, their basic weaknesses and difficulties are described. New directions of the education for environmental protection in higher education, as well as the importance of training higher education lecturers in this area, are shown.


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Author Biographies

Vesna Nikolić

Faculty of Occupational Safety,
University of Nis


Jelena Ranitović

Faculty of Occupational Safety,
University of Nis


Slobodan Milutinović

Faculty of Occupational Safety,
University of Nis



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23. 01. 2015

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