Environmental education of the public


  • Jana Laciná
  • Vlastimil Kostkan




education, environmental, ecosystem services, public, learning by doing, landscape, nature, interactive workshops


Environmental conservation in democratic society is the result of the cooperation of state administration with the public and commercial entities. If it is to be constructive, this cooperation has to be based objective information from the fields of biology and ecology, and other mostly social science disciplines which overlap environmental protection. Stakeholders engaged in these processes should have adequate knowledge in these disciplines and access to up-to-date information, and the ability to present it in an understandable form. The older generation in the Czech Republic had a lack of environmental education because ecology wasn’t considered a science in this part of the world until the 1970s). The younger generation needs ongoing information relating to new findings from all environmental disciplines . These experiences led to the project REGOL, which is geared toward educating the wider public and professionals at the regional level on the latest scientific findings essential to making decisions about nature and landscape protection.


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Author Biographies

Jana Laciná

Mgr. Jana Laciná,

projektová manažerka a jednatelka, Conbios s. r. o,

Vlastimil Kostkan

RNDr. Vlastimil Kostkan

projektový manažer a jednatel, Conbios s. r. o.,


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15. 10. 2013

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