The future of Slovakia in light of the 2013 state budget

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Mikuláš Huba


The following article too deals with deliberations about the future: its author (from the perspective of an unheeded current lawmaker) shows the reality of the future development in Slovakia as embodied in particular planned state budget expenditures, whose real form contrasts with the government's programme declaration and often with common sense as well. He picks the most obvious and most illogical examples of both anti-environmental blindness and the (likely connected with it) unthrifty and short-sighted economic attitude.


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Huba, M. (2012). The future of Slovakia in light of the 2013 state budget. Envigogika, 7(3).
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Mikuláš Huba

Prof. RNDr. Mikuláš Huba, CSc.Poslanec Národnej rady Slovenskej republikyGeografický ústav SAV